Hottest Weather Girls – It is always hot in South America


Naile Lopez

The young Naile Lopez became a model not long after graduating from high school. A Mexican native, Lopez has spent time living in Monterrey, Mexico City, and Miami. In 2012, Lopez decided it was time for a career change and became a weather anchor for Las Noticias Televisa Monterrey, a job she still holds to this day. I am sure she entices lot of viewers on the show and the TRPs would have gone up tremendously.

Yanet Garcia

With well over 5 million followers on Instagram, it’s no surprise to us how the gorgeous, young, and talented Yanet Garcia rose to popularity. Garcia became well-known and recognizable, especially among young people, after she began working as a meteorologist on Televisa Monterrey News.  She has the hottest turn among all weather girls, check yourself.

Gaby Lozoya

We love Mexico for this and I am sure all men should visit this beautiful destination once.  Over 80,000 followers on Instagram. Gaby Lozoya is from Monterrey, Mexico and is one of the cutest one of all.

Sugey Abrego

Sugey Abrego is Mexican actress, model and presenter. Sugey was born in Veracruz, Mexico. The brunette is well known for her exuberant body and her gorgeous figure. Another from Mexico…Mexico rules!!!!

Ximena Cordoba

Colombian model and actress Ximena Cordeba began her career on the reality show Protagonistas de novela. Throughout her career, she’s acted on numerous telenovelas. She’s worked on TNT, Fox Deportes, and Fox Sports. Rain or Shine, she delivers the weather with her signature smile. I LOVE SOUTH AMERICAAAAA!!!!!!


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