5 PUBG Tips for Dominating the Battlegrounds


Jump Right

Look for the right area to jump, avoid jumping at war zones and do not go on a killing spree, there will be someone behind waiting for a shot. Try to survive specially in a squad.

Move, jump and shoot

Keep moving, jumping in a gun fight, don’t stand still, you will be a sitting duck. Look for a cover, hide, move and again shoot. If spotted do not lie down on to the ground, you will be knocked for sure.

Choose Guns wisely

Look for the right guns, a sniper gun along with SMG is always a good combination. KAR 98 or AWM along with SCAR-L or UMP  is  a good choice for camping and assault. Do not try to go for a long shot using SMG, you will miss for sure. In such a case, make your SMG into a single shot.

 Try to loot the crate

Look for the crate and the moment you see the plane and the parachute, dash towards it in a vehicle. Try to reach and loot before others. Do not sit there and try to fight of enemies in the area. Loot and run away. If you get guile suit, the advantage is all yours.

Smoke and Assault

If you survive till the end, when two and three players are remaining, don’t just keep lying down, throw smoke grenades around you and go for the assault. Remember, the other players are scared too.

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