Uri – Movie Review


    The Movie is based on surgical strikes carried on by the Indian Army in response to the 2016 Uri attack in which four heavily armed militants attacked Indian army base, near the town of Uri in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. The surgical strike carried out by the Indian army reportedly killed 30-55 terrorists.

    The movie had its good sides and over exaggerated sides both. Looks more like an advertisement of the technological superior expertise of our army as compared to the incompetent Pakistani soldiers and how remarkably Indian politicians and national security advisors accomplished the surgical strike on Pakistan in response to Uri attack by the nemesis. Looking at the Election Poll around the corner the movie did seem like an indirect marketing gimmick.

    But, the movie did have some heart thumping, neatly directed action scenes and some brilliant cinematography. And since it is Indian army slamming the enemy, you just can’t stop yourself from clapping or whistling.

    Vicky Kaushal, playing Major Vihaan Shergill, acted well and lived up to his reputation but the way he was projected didn’t have that pull factor. He is a well-built jawaan with a perpetually puffed chest, deciding everything – strategy, outthinks intelligence agents and leads men into battle, but yet like a typical Bollywood Masala finds time to engage in one-on-one fighting with terrorists of all stripes.

    Paresh Rawal playing as Ajit Doval was impressive but typical, always talking in the same typical smooth fashion, the way he did it as his portyal of ‘Sardar Patel’ in the 1993 film ‘Sardar’.  Rajit Kapur didn’t look that impressive though we all know his talented acting capabilities.

    Overall, the movie might appeal to few might not appeal to others. And henceforth, still the undisputed King of Army Valor Movie remains with – JP Dutta’s Border.

    I give Uri 2.5 Stars


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