Things most men lie to their women


Lie: He Trusts His Woman When She Goes Out With Friends

Men have fragile egos and they also know how other men think. Whether he wants to admit it or not, your boyfriend knows you are probably going to be hit on while you are out. He might act nonchalant about you going out with your friends but his biggest secret is he’s not sure he trusts the situation.

“At a deeper level this lack of trust in others represents an immature ego that hasn’t developed resilience and frustration tolerance. When you lack this foundation, you expect others will let you down and not keep their word,” explains Linda Esposito in Psychology Today.

Lie: He Only Has Eyes For His Woman

You didn’t believe that one, did you? Ouch. There is no way around it, guys will always have wandering eyes. It’s whether or not they do something about the wandering eye that you have to worry about. It’s not cheating to appreciate the beauty of another woman, after all. Hopefully, he has enough respect for you not to do this behavior right in front of you. Now, if he starts comparing you to the woman he just checked out, then you have something to worry about.

Lie: He Listens To Everything His Woman Says

Sometimes we can sense when our guy has tuned us out and other times we can’t. Guys are always more attentive in the beginning of a relationship than they are when they’ve been with you for a few years. Men will often forget what you told them shortly after you said it because they weren’t listening very well in the first place.

Men will claim that women talk too much and that’s why they zone out, but a study conducted by gender communication specialist Deborah Tannen found that men talk basically the same amount as women do, as Time reports.

Lie: He Loves Hanging Out With Her Family

Sure, he might not mind your family and he might even think that they are cool. But if he had a choice to be with them or to hang out with his own friends and family, he would choose his own. No one genuinely loves hanging out with their significant other’s family. Unless you found a guy who just clicks awesomely with your brother or something, but it’s rare. It’s the same when you are out with your friends. He’s probably wondering the whole time why he can’t hang out with his friends while you hang out with yours.

Lie: He Doesn’t Mind Just Cuddling

You might think that your man loves to cuddle just as much as you do, but that’s probably not the case. Sometimes he just wants to roll over and fall asleep. Michael Bader, author of What Is He Thinking? tells Psychology Today, “Here’s what my clinical experience tells me: women need the reassurance that the man doesn’t just want to [sleep with] her and men need the reassurance that it’s OK to do just that. Women need the [closeness] of post-coital connection while men need to separate from that connection. Women like to gaze into a man’s eyes; men like to go to sleep.”


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