Simmba – Movie Review


The movie is a Bollywood masala, ‘Isleya dimag nahi lagane ka, Sirf enjoy karne ka’.  The movie is about an orphan who grows out to become a dishonest cop.  His mission in life is to make money by hook or crook and thus keeps a blind eye on illegal activities. His mantra of life is ‘beimaani with full imaandaari’. With this movie, Ranveer Singh has entered the big league as the crowd whistled and went berserk on his entrance, his dialogues and lip biting charge.

Sara Ali Khan, though her role is extremely limited, she looks pretty and spunky and definitely looks like will have a really bright future in Bollywood. Like her step mom, she has the persona to capture the screen all by herself. She looks fresh and appealing.

The second half of the move is slightly dreary and becomes a typical ‘Rape Revenge’ drama. But then it is Rohit Shetty’s film and his films are always fiery and zesty so far as you follow a simple policy which I said in the beginning, ‘sirf enjoy karne ka, dimag nahi lagane ka.’

The end where Ajay Devgun enters as Singham was full ‘paisa vasool’ for the audience, but the end has another twist, which you need go and watch yourself.

In the end I will give 3 stars to the film as it is indeed a full ‘tush paisa vasool’ film.

Reviewed By – Rituraj

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