2019 Zodiac Predictions


Aries Horoscope 2019

The Horoscope 2019 has prepared a year full of experiences for Aries. The people born under this fire sign whose dominant planet is Mars, who stand out with their inner power and persistence, as well as confidence, will certainly not be bored. They will be able to utilize their capabilities mostly in career, where they will be able to reach their goals. When it comes to personal life, the stars promise harmony above all.

Right from the beginning of 2019, Aries will feel a desire to fight for their own luck and beliefs. The influence of Mars will strongly contribute to this. Therefore, you’re ahead of a very active period. If somebody or something holds you back, you’ll be very uneasy. In employment, you will stand out among others. Your diligence and persistence won’t go unnoticed. In terms of relationships, they will be somewhat subdued, but still harmonic, so you shouldn’t expect any big events.

According to the horoscope, the spring months will be calm, especially when it comes to career. The initial enthusiasm is leaving you, but you are still able to keep up with others. That’s enough for now. In the meantime, Aries can focus on other areas of their life. For example, significant events can be expected in the family circle.

Summer 2019 will definitely go on at a high pace. The horoscope says that Aries will feel a strong influence of Venus. You will feel very good when you have attention of the opposite sex, so you’ll actively look for it. This period promises a lot of experiences, adventures and passion to single people. The bonds, that will originate especially in July, will be very strong. In terms of career, you will be restless. Different obstacles will stand in your way. However, Aries is not a type that is easily frightened. The opposite is true, so they will enthusiastically get to work.

With the upcoming autumn, Mercury in Taurus will have the strongest influence on you, according to the horoscope. It means that you’ll tend to keep it cool and suppress emotions in any situation. Thanks to this insight, as well as to the patience and persistence brought to you by this emplacement of planets, you will be able to complete any task. Long-term relationships will flourish too, during this period.

By the end of 2019, Aries will finally cease to focus on their career – relationships will become a major priority. Single individuals have a big chance to meet their soulmate again. Don’t be afraid to go out with friends. You never know where your potential partner appears. Family relationships will be very relaxing and peaceful. Therefore, there won’t be anything stopping you from enjoying Christmas with your loved ones at peace.

Taurus Horoscope 2019

Taurus is reigned by the planet of Venus. These individuals are usually materialistically-oriented, persistent and ambitious. They are curious people though, thus they long for experiences and are able to feel their emotions on a very deep level. According to the stars, Taurus’s Horoscope 2019 will be rather oriented toward the personal side of their life. The individuals’ desires will be finally fulfilled. But they won’t miss out on career either.

The emplacement of Mercury in Cancer will bring Taurus a huge desire for information and knowledge. You will also enjoy experimenting and trying new things. You will be glad to share your experiences. Therefore, in January of 2019, you will want to have a person on your side, who you can trust and talk to, in case of need.

For Taurus, this year’s spring will be career-oriented. You like to compete with others in all possible categories. The feeling that you’re better than others fulfills you this time. However, the horoscope advises you to be careful not to cross the tolerable line. People surrounding you might start to doubt. Is it still a joke or are you blinded by pride?

With the arrival of summer months of 2019, every Taurus will certainly feel the influence of Mercury which will be situated in Leo. During this time, you can expect a lot of physical energy which will be greatly utilized mainly by athletes – not only the top ones. It’s the perfect time to get in shape. The positive aura you will emit to your surroundings will bring potential partners. If you’re choosing, the horoscope recommends you to follow the heart, not the brain.

The autumn of 2019 will be more peaceful than previous months. You will experience harmonious relationships and friendships with no ulterior motives, but also tender love. As far as the work area of life is concerned, you now have a chance to make big changes if you want them. However, you may need to sacrifice a part of your leisure time. The result will be worth it though. But keep in mind that you should not overstress yourself, as it comes with health issues that probably won’t be avoided by Taurus.

As the year comes to an end, you’re reaching the finish line as well. You’ve been working hard for the whole year, now it’s time to harvest the fruits. According to the horoscope, Taurus can expect an intellectual period, when they will mainly focus on thinking, evaluating past events and self-developing. There might be some minor disagreements in family, but nothing serious. It’s enough to just talk about the problem openly.

Gemini Horoscope 2019

The stars clearly show that for Gemini, Horoscope 2019 will be very positive. They will thrive in personal life, as well as in work life. Of course, they will have to deserve their success, but that’s just the way it goes. Nothing’s for free. People born under this sign, under the reign of Mercury, can fight anything life puts in their way. Among their qualities, there is a huge desire to discover and learn. They also have great communication skills, as well as a good sense of humor.

During the beginning of 2019, Gemini will subconsciously attach great importance to relationships, especially because of the strong influence of Venus. You will make the relationships in your surroundings harmonious and friendly. Only such balance will make you happy. According to the horoscope, you will notice a great advantage at work, because you will behave in a nice, even charming, manner.

You will live through the spring months in the whirlwind of events, that will come from the work area of your life. There will be an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will bring lots of advantages, but some disadvantages as well. Therefore, Gemini will have to make a difficult decision in the spring of 2019. Thoroughly consider all pros and cons and don’t try to rush things. Either way, you can rely on the support of your partner.

With gradual warming and the arrival of summer, we can, under the influence of Mercury, expect to have a sharp mind and excellent communication skills. The horoscope suggests you to utilize them not only at work, but also in personal life. You will be significantly persuasive now. If you’ve been striving for your dream romantic companion for some time, now it’s the right time to really “break the ice”.

The autumn of 2019 will be a subdued and emotional period for Gemini. You’ll feel the best in a familiar environment now. Other times, you are attracted to everything new and unknown, now it can even frighten you. During November, you’ll also feel the influence of Mercury in Libra. Justice in any respects will be important to you. You won’t tolerate injustice, so you won’t hesitate to give a helping hand to a person in need. This gesture will be certainly highly appreciated.

The end of the year will, according to the horoscope, pass off in the spirit of love. The position of the stars will be especially beneficial for long-term relationships, which will be very harmonious and solid now. If you’ve been considering making a next move with your partner, now it’s the right time. Even single people can anticipate a positive period. Meeting people of the opposite sex will be very easy now. When it comes to work, minor issues might appear. However, thanks to the good mood of Gemini, they will deal with them with ease.

Cancer Horoscope 2019

At the beginning of the year, the Cancer’s Horoscope 2019 will be full of events. However, in the second half of the year, they can be looking forward to a peaceful and positive period. People born under this air sign, that is controlled by the Moon, are very sensitive. Therefore, there’s no wonder that the events of their life are frequently revolving around relationships. Their other qualities involve a vivid imagination, but responsibility and dedication to others as well. They often tend to be moody.

January 2019 will bring interesting events. The influence of Venus, that will be placed in Scorpio, will shuffle the events around you. To Cancer, this emplacement will bring a desire to discover everything mysterious and unknown. You will also be attracted to forbidden fruit. Furthermore, your feelings will be very intense. You might even have a feeling that you can’t resist. In extreme cases, it can even result in infidelity. On the other hand, this emplacement of planets will be beneficial for you in career. You are able to fight tasks coming at you from all sides.

With gradual warming and arrival of spring, it will be necessary to rather focus on career. A moment of inattention is enough to miss an important piece of information or to make a mistake. The horoscope suggests not to get distracted from work by events in your personal life.

In the middle of 2019, the situation will finally turn for the better. The working area of Cancer is finally calming down and giving you a chance to prove to superiors that you’re indispensable for the company. Single people can be looking forward as well. They could meet real love by the end of June. The stars are now in a very positive emplacement for personal life.

As the summer is slowly ending and the autumn is coming, Cancer will feel the influence of the Moon in Leo. The energy that will have an effect on you will encourage you to take action and build values that you can be proud of afterwards. Don’t be afraid to take the initiative when in a long-term relationship, only that way you can move to the next level with your partner.

The end of 2019 will, according to the horoscope, bring a peaceful period. You’ll finally have time to pay attention to yourself and your physical condition. When doing sports, you’ll wonderfully relax from work and potential excessive stress. You’ll also strengthen your immunity, therefore, there won’t be any ailments threatening you in this chilly weather. You should also focus on your family. Some of the members of your clan might need help. The horoscope advises you not to break their trust. This person could take this wrongdoing very seriously.

Leo Horoscope 2019

You can be looking forward to a lot of events in both your personal and working life. The stars show that Leo’s Horoscope 2019 will be full of experiences of all kinds. People born under this sign, that is controlled by the powerful Sun, are able to make use of their qualities, in order to reach what they want in career. These individuals have a strong creative power and are predestined to lead others. They’re also confident, courageous and open when in conversation. This might sometimes lead to a lack of tact.

The beginning of 2019 won’t be easy for Leo. The emplacement of planets will be rather negative, especially when it comes to career. You can expect downturn in your ambitions. On the other hand, this will be a stable period for relationships. Individuals in long-term relationships have a chance to strengthen their trust and take the next step.

After previous failures, there is a positive period finally coming, according to the horoscope. Events will, in the spring of 2019, start moving at full speed. Mercury is now in Gemini, which gives you self-confident demeanor. Your ability to argue is very good. You’ll persuade anybody you’ll meet and will be able to talk yourself out of various uncomfortable situations. That’s why you should utilize this influence especially in career. Now you’re able to reach your goal. It’s enough just to put a bit of effort into it.

On the other hand, the summer of 2019 belongs to love and personal life, which might have been neglected by Leo a bit in the previous months. The horoscope shows that a soulmate will appear in your surroundings. It might mean a potential partner or, for example, a great friend. Single people can expect a lot of fun, long summer nights full of flirting and even passion.

Leo probably won’t avoid stress in the autumn. You’ve been slacking at work too much, so now you have a lot of stuff to catch up on. When under pressure, you might tend to be spiteful. That will not bring anything nice to your personal life either. Therefore, the horoscope recommends you to stay cool and keep yourself from getting carried away by your emotions. Otherwise, you will get yourself into trouble. The potential frustration will be utilized greatly when you decide to do some sports – you’ll also do something for your condition as a bonus.

By the end of 2019, Leo will be influenced by Venus in Capricorn. You’ll feel great responsibility in relationships and after past failures, your approach will get more professional rather than impulsive. That will be hugely rewarding especially for long-term relationships. Even at work, your colleagues and superiors take you very seriously. That way, you will be able to fix previous wrongdoings and soon, you will be basking in the limelight again. Others will look up to you then.

Virgo Horoscope 2019

Under the reign of Mercury, people born under this sign are very rational. They love order and rules, so they can be very professional and precise in everything they do. According to the stars, Virgo’s Horoscope 2019 will be very positive. Therefore, you can be looking forward to experiencing interesting events mostly in your personal life, which might have been stagnating a bit in the previous year. Thanks to their qualities, these individuals will be successful in their career.

Right from the beginning of 2019, every Virgo can expect a great surge of inner strength and pugnacity. Especially because of the convenient placement of Mercury. During this period, you will stand out with swift action, but also leading potential. If you’ve been thinking about career advancement, now it’s the right time. You can be persistent in love as well.

The spring months will be beneficial for personal life. The horoscope promises a happy event in family circle. Suddenly, the pace of life is getting faster, which can cause you discomfort. It will be clever to stick with what you know well. Therefore, this period is beneficial for Virgo in terms of long-term relationships. You are not afraid to take the initiative and show excitement to your partner. Your relationship will only thrive.

With the arrival of summer 2019, Virgo will feel a strong influence of Venus in Cancer. Your feelings will be very deep, which means that on one hand, you’ll greatly enjoy this period and the experiences will stay with you for the entire life, and on the other, you’ll be much more vulnerable. Therefore, the horoscope recommends watching out for who you’re opening your heart to. When it comes to family, you can rely on limitless support.

The energy of the stars will now be focused on work and practical skills. Every superior will surely appreciate a worker like this. However, love and relationships will be negatively distracting you during this period, according to the horoscope. Try to separate work from personal life. Only then will you reach a harmonious state.

You will enjoy the upcoming end of 2019 the best when surrounded by your dear ones. In career, you can expect no twists. The situation will be stable, it will be enough just to keep up the current pace and not lag behind others. Therefore, you can fully focus on your personal life again. Virgo should not be afraid to talk to the object of their desire. Now you have the greatest chance to succeed. Don’t let your luck slip through your fingers. During this chilly weather, you should also care for your health and not underestimate preventive measures.

Libra Horoscope 2019

Unlike the previous year when you enjoyed peace, Libra’s Horoscope 2019 will be full of events. You’ll do especially well in career, but your personal life won’t get left behind either. You’re ahead of both positive and negative experiences. However, that’s just the way it goes. Furthermore, thanks to their qualities, people born under this sign, that is controlled by Venus, are able to fight any pitfalls. These individuals are distinctive for their artistic gift. They are intelligent, righteous and truthful. Sometimes, their excessive sensitivity can be a disadvantage though.

During the winter time at the beginning of 2019, Libra may be expecting many events to take place. Firstly, you’ll encounter a career opportunity that you’ll have to take immediately if you don’t want to miss it. It will probably mean extra work, but the result will be worth it. The decision is up to you. In addition to that, because of the influence of Mercury in Taurus, that you can expect especially in March, you’ll feel a strong sexual drive. Therefore, you can await a passionate flare between you and the person you’re attracted to.

This year’s spring will continue in a similar spirit. Long-term relationships will get a chance as well. The horoscope says that now it’s the perfect time to take the next step. You are on the same wavelength as your partner, so any proposal will be understood. Even in career, you will do well chasing your goal.

The turning point may come during the summer months of 2019. There will be a dishonest person in your surroundings trying to do you harm. This time, you can’t really rely on help from others. You have to take care of this situation by yourself, because only that way you can learn and move your personality forward.

In the autumn, Libra can expect a positive period again, especially when it comes to career. The influence of Mercury in Capricorn will, according to the horoscope, give you self-control and ability to concentrate. It’s enough to just get to work, the goal will be at your reach. It may even be necessary to work at the expense of leisure time. Fortunately, your partner and family will understand. So there’s no threat in here.

The end of 2019 will be spent in peace and comfort of home, according to the horoscope. Harmony will be surrounding you greatly. Libra will be also proud of the previous career accomplishment. You can use the new portion of free time for cleaning, or doing sports that you enjoy and are thrilled about.

Scorpio Horoscope 2019

People born under this air sign are great warriors with a strong will. Their empathetic and attentive personality gives them a huge advantage in the area of interpersonal relationships. According to the stars, Scorpio’s Horoscope 2019 will be very energetic and positive. Especially around the end of the first half of the year. If there’s an obstacle in your way, you are able to overcome it with ease.

According to the horoscope, the beginning of 2019 will begin at a peaceful pace, meaning you will have a lot of time to get used to new things this year will bring to you. Because of the influence of the Moon in Pisces, you might have some concentration issues. Furthermore, you’ll tend to escape from reality in order to delve into your own thoughts and fantasy. For Scorpio, feelings are more important than rational thinking during this period. That’s why you should leave significant decisions regarding, for example, employment for later.

With the arrival of spring, every Scorpio will be open up to the world again. After the previous downturn, an active period comes. Athletes will do great, as well as, for example, individuals who are single and would like to change it. You will emit positive energy into your surroundings, which will attract maybe even more than one potential partner. You’re ahead of great fun, you’ll certainly won’t get bored. You should not forget about work either though. Slacking is not worth it, your superiors might notice that.

The summer of 2019 will be mainly revolving around work side of life. Scorpio will finally have an opportunity to show what they’re capable of. The positive emplacement of Mercury will, especially in July, bring you a huge amount of mental energy. You are able to deal with any problem with ease. For your superiors, you’ll become literally indispensable during this period. The horoscope recommends not letting the success go to your head too much. You should stick to modesty.

The autumn months promise gradual calming. There are stable times ahead in both career and personal life of Scorpio. Especially long-term relationships will now thrive. The reason for it is that you finally have more free time you can spend with your other half. Even single people won’t miss out on anything. They can be looking forward to a new unknown individual.

The influence of Mercury in Libra, which may be felt by the forthcoming end of 2019, will bring, according to the horoscope, a slowdown to Scorpio. Fate will put a difficult decision in your way and you’ll need some time to figure it out. Fortunately, you can rely on the support of your family and partner or your closest friends. They’ll stand behind your back no matter your decision.

Sagittarius Horoscope 2019

People born under this Zodiac sign, that is controlled by Jupiter, are often ambitious and self-confident. Their optimism and calm personality help them deal with even the most difficult situations. The stars clearly show, that every Sagittarius’s Horoscope 2019 will be successful. Not only in career. People who’ve been looking for the company of the opposite sex have something to look forward to as well.

The beginning of 2019 will be mainly revolving around working life of Sagittarius. Thanks to the positive energy of this period, you won’t lack interesting ideas. Don’t be afraid to share them with your colleagues and superiors. When it comes to relationships, January will be rather solitary. Instead of pretending to be somebody else in public, you’ll rather go for educating yourself. With reading, for instance.

With the arrival of spring, every Sagittarius can, according to the horoscope, be looking forward to the positive influence of Mercury in Gemini. It will give you, for example, high verbal abilities. You won’t be lacking vocabulary, nor confidence. That can be utilized in both career and personal life. Those who are single will have no problem making contacts with the opposite sex. You’re ahead of an active period full of adventure, romance and even passion.

The summer of 2019 will certainly be over in the blink of an eye. Sagittarius can be looking forward to action on all fronts. You have plenty of energy, so you won’t have a problem with minor obstacles at work or disagreements in relationships. You’ll deal with every issue playfully. The horoscope advises you to spend your free time doing sports, during these months, you might achieve the greatest results.

In the autumn, you’ll feel a strong influence of Venus in Virgo. This emplacement of planets promises sharp senses, but also kindness and courtesy in relationships. Long-term relationships will thrive and fresh ones will go well too. The bonds that will be created, especially in September of 2019, will be very strong and may even last for life. When it comes to career, the horoscope recommends not to relax your efforts, even when motivation is running out. You’ll see that if you’re persistent, you’ll shortly harvest the fruits of your effort. Every Sagittarius should also watch out for minor injuries.

The ending of 2019 is near and you finally have your goals at reach. After that, events in your surroundings will start to calm down, so Sagittarius will have some time for themselves. Appropriate activities include evaluation of the past year and also educating. Don’t forget about your family either. It’s always nice to show your close ones how much you really like them.

Capricorn Horoscope 2019

The horoscope 2019 promises a stable and positive period to Capricorn. Individuals born under this sign, that is under the reign of Saturn, usually have a very realistic and materialistic view of the world. Their other qualities include persistence, responsibility and thoroughness. They consider themselves the top priority, that’s why they are usually successful in career, although, the situation in relationships might lag behind. They also tend to be loners.

Right from the beginning of the new year, you will be accompanied by positive energy in the area of career, but also business. You won’t have a lack of discipline and organization. People in your surroundings may even consider you a role model and look up to you. However, the horoscope recommends not to let the pride go to your head. It could only hurt you. Anyway, emotions stand aside, that’s why single people will have trouble establishing contacts. However, long-term relationships stay stable. Every Capricorn can also enjoy good health during this period.

With gradual warming and arrival of spring months of 2019, the emplacement of planets will turn for the better. Capricorn can be looking forward to positive energy in terms of relationships. You’ll get along beautifully with anybody who crosses your path. According to the horoscope, single individuals will finally get their chance. Don’t let it slip through your fingers. The influence of Venus in Aries will be the strongest in May of 2019. When it comes to love and relationships, this emplacement will bring you an unstoppable energy. You can be looking forward to flirting and romance.

The summer months will bring calmness on all fronts. The initial enchantment is gone and new relationships are now ahead of a difficult challenge. Those who pass it will get very strong and serious. When it comes to the career of Capricorn, the horoscope shows that there’s not anything to be worried about. It’s enough to keep the pace. Now you can invest your energy into something else. For example, you’ll relax greatly when doing sports or taking a walk in nature.

Autumn and the oncoming end of 2019 will still be peaceful. Especially when it comes to relationships. No twists in this area are ahead. On the other hand, an unrepeatable chance might appear in terms of career. It’s up to you what approach you will take. It won’t be for free, of course. Fortunately, the influence of Mars in Scorpio will bring you a sense of purpose. You should be careful not to stress too much. It might have a negative impact on your health.

Aquarius Horoscope 2019

According to the stars, Aquarius’s Horoscope 2019 will be very positive. Especially in personal life. In career, you can expect a stable period as well. Being controlled by Uranus, these individuals are very flexible and outgoing, which can be utilized especially in relationships. On the other hand, they can be thoughtful and serious which is a huge advantage at work. They also have great fantasy and a lot of excellent ideas. Their weakness is often a lack of persistence, that’s why they are rarely able to actually realize these ideas.

Right from the beginning of 2019, single Aquarians can expect a great chance. According to the horoscope, the emplacement of Venus in Sagittarius will be exceptionally strong. That’s why you’re ahead of a period full of discoveries and new experiences. You’ll be attracted to people with the same intentions. You’ll enjoy various adventures. Long-term relationships will benefit from this emplacement as well. Stereotype means nothing to you, you’ll enjoy a lot of fun and feel like freshly in love.

The spring months will be, on the other hand, revolving around work. The horoscope reveals that you can be looking forward to a newly acquired self-confidence. Therefore, you’ll be able to persuade anybody. Don’t be afraid to make use of it. The obstacles that will stand in the way of Aquarius will be playfully overcome.

The summer of 2019 will be an energetic period, which is ideal for social events or dates. You’ll meet interesting people and expand horizons. Furthermore, people born in Aquarius and are single have a great chance to meet their soulmate. Your feelings will be more intense now, so if you meet a person on the same wavelength, there will literally be sparks flowing between you. However, the horoscope suggests you to avoid having high self-esteem, during these days. The excessive energy can be rather invested in sports and therefore, you can do something for your health.

The autumn months will bring, because of the Mars in Libra, a rational, maybe even cold period. Your feelings, whether positive or negative, are losing their significance. Therefore, in October of 2019, nothing can put you out of track. However, you may be facing mistrust of your partner. According to the horoscope, you should not postpone figuring the problem out, talk about it openly as soon as possible.

With the upcoming end of the year, the emplacement of stars will change again. The situation in relationships and career will be stable. Therefore, you’ll be able to spend your free time with your friends and doing activities you love the most. For example, go visit your more distant relatives. You never know what interesting news you can learn. However, every Aquarius should watch out for minor injuries.

Pisces Horoscope 2019

Neptune, the planet controlling your Zodiac sign, will be in a very strong position this year and that’s why Pisces’s Horoscope 2019 will be positive and full of action. Especially when it comes to personal life. The personality of people born under this water sign is usually sensitive, empathetic and friendly. They often tend to escape into the fantasy world and forget about reality, which might be a disadvantage. They can also easily become a subject to mental anguish.

The beginning of 2019 has prepared an optimistic period for Pisces. You’re tempted by new chances and beginnings, so you’ll be literally charged with energy. It will be the best if you put this energy into work. According to the horoscope, now is the chance to show your superiors that you’re an indispensable employee. This period will be also beneficial for single individuals. You can expect a passionate flare and if you’re persistent, maybe even a romantic relationship.

The spring months will continue to go at a swift pace, which you enjoy on one hand, but on the other, you desire to put obligations out of your mind and just rest. You will have to get your priorities straight and realize it’s not possible to be everywhere. If Pisces gives priority to work, the horoscope promises that their effort will be certainly worth it.

With gradual warming and arrival of summer months, Pisces will feel the influence of Venus in Taurus. Especially in the second half of June 2019, you’ll experience a very intense period. Every moment will be lived to the fullest. That applies not only to love and relationships, but also to, for example, cultural or culinary experiences. Career will have to be set aside for a while, but fortunately, there’s no problems threatening you in this area. It’s enough to just keep the current pace and not lag behind other colleagues.

The autumn of 2019 will bring a certain kind of comfort. You’re ahead of a stable period, where you’ll gain the lost power back. You finally have time to take care of yourself. You’ll surely benefit from sorting out your thoughts and learning from the past events.

With the upcoming end of 2019, Pisces will feel the influence of the powerful Mars in Scorpio. You won’t lack motivation, however, you will feel somehow numb because of the events in your personal life. According to the horoscope, you should beware of excessive jealousy and possessive behavior towards your partner. Initially, you will be dealing with little things, but it could result in much bigger problems. You’ll come to different thoughts while doing sports and as a bonus, you’ll do something for your physical condition and health.


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