Vidyuda – Voyage to an unknown planet


Chronicles of Captain Cooper

I observed him carefully as he walked to the door. I knew that time was running out but suppressed the urge to check my watch. I took a deep breath and started counting in reverse under my breath. “Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one……..” and I started drifting towards the Zuran as they call it.

This story is about me; my name is Captain James Coopers. I used to be a scientist back in earth with specialization in rocket propulsion.  I was the chief scientist of the space research organization and spearheaded the team responsible for the mission to a distant planet named ‘Vidyuda’, this planet was known as a twin to planet earth. The atmosphere of this planet was watery unlike earth but had plenty of oxygen inside water. The planet had vegetation on its surface which was quite similar to algae of our home planet. I did intensive research and practiced thoroughly with my fellow scientists and astronauts. This was the first time we were sending human beings to a different galaxy. I still remember how proud I felt when my name was announced as one of the astronauts to visit Vidyuda.  The launch vehicle was fish shaped and the rocket fuel was liquid mercury, the journey was to last for one year, we were supposed to induce ourselves in a deep sleep for seven months, after which the incubator would automatically wake us up. We would then have to navigate our self to the Russian Space Station built on Charon, one of Pluto’s moons. Our next stop after Charon was our final destination ‘Vidyuda’.

On September 1st, 3012 we advanced towards our space craft, The launch was smooth, we were up in the sky and beyond it at no time, though I had seen outer space numerous times but this was different, the speed of the craft was light speed but we didn’t feel the speed inside our special craft. After calculating and positioning our craft on course with Vidyuda, we went into our incubators, the chemical was released and we went it to sleep for seven months.

On April 5th, 3013, we woke up from our sleep, we steered our craft for the space station, five Russian astronauts were stationed inside the space post, we were supposed to get our craft refueled in there. I personally headed the steer and soon we were able to park our craft on to the space station. We opened the door and went inside the station, the station was huge, Russians were the best in this category, but to our surprise we were not received by anyone, the station was empty, the whole area had a ghostly ambiance. It was pin drop silence in there, we called for names but no one replied. The commanders were instructed to go and check each and every room, they took out their guns and inspected but they could not locate any one, we were all confused, suddenly we heard a sound, it came from a container, the commanders proceeded towards the container, they opened it and in there they saw a man, he was a Russian Astronaut named Peter Kasprowicz. He looked troubled and weird, his eyes were swollen and he tried to speak but was unable to do so, he looked petrified and was hell sacred. We asked him about his fellow mates but he couldn’t say anything. We tried a lot to make him calm and composed, but we failed, he looked at us helplessly but was unable to speak anything. But his trouble didn’t last for long, after twenty minutes; he started bleeding profusely from his nose, after few more minutes he couldn’t stand and collapsed to the floor and died. We narrated the incident to the headquarters but we were here for a mission and immediately ordered to proceed, the craft was refueled, the repairs were made, food was consumed and we proceeded towards the twin planet.

On Sep 3013, we reached close to Vidyuda, it was completely blue, the planet looked beautiful. We knew from our research that this would be a landless planet. The space program was divided into three different parts, the first was the ‘Drifter’, the principle space craft, the one which got us into Vidyuda, the second one was the ‘Floater’, a sub craft inside ‘Drifter’, this landing craft was supposed to land and float on the watery surface of Vidyuda, it had floating & hovering mechanism both. The last one was the “Diver’ which was supposed to go under the water, the groups were divided, fifteen remained inside the ‘Drifter”, while the remaining ten moved inside the ‘Floater’, out of these, five were supposed to go under water. I was supposed to be part of the diving group, after all I wanted to be known as the first man on Vidyuda and the first man to discover life in there, the planet had primitive plantation, we were sure of this information. As per the verdict, we started drifting for the planet, soon we were near to the surface, the hover mechanism was activated and we started hovering over the planet, the planet had blue water and bluish clouds just above the surface, we hovered for some twenty minutes and then we activated the floating mechanism, the hover engine was shut and the vehicle landed smoothly on the surface but as we touched the surface, instead of floating, we started sinking down below, we immediately activated the hover mechanism again but we were not able to stop the ship from being pulled down, we then activated the rocket propulsion but it failed to ignite, this was a surprise as oxygen inside water should have supported ignition but may be some other chemical didn’t let the combustion to be completed. As went further down we could see bird like creatures fluttering their feathers, they seemed to be flying in the water, the water didn’t look all blue from inside and light seemed to pass inside the water like air on earth, we knew that their water is our air. As we moved further down we could see land in there, buildings and moving vehicles. When all failed, in desperation, I opened the craft emergency parachute and to our surprise it worked, the water had very little density and we started gliding down towards the land.  I wished we could have landed somewhere else but we landed right inside some busy market street, and for the first time we could see alien life, they were well advanced and looked somewhat like us but for the fact that they had protruding eyes, very thin lips and were slightly bigger in size. Even their color was different; they were extremely fair, not like zombies but looked painted white in complexion. As we landed, there was panic on the streets, we could see the surroundings, aliens on our screen, we chose to stay inside the craft, while the four commandos took out their gun, concurrently, we tried to start off the engine but it didn’t work, after forty minutes, an alien army could be seen surrounding the craft. We tried our best to connect with the headquarters and the ‘Drifter’ but we were unable to do so. The natives were advanced, they started cutting the steel of our craft and entered inside the same, around fifty alien police members surrounded us and started pulling us out, our commandoes panicked and started firing at the aliens, the laser did kill few aliens but then the aliens responded back and started firing at us, their bullets in an instant killed six of us including three commandoes, rest of us immediately raised our hands and surrendered. We were handcuffed and dragged inside a huge van and taken away in to a private facility. We were able to breathe inside oxygen filled water and since the density was light it was not blocking our lungs as such, though we started feeling suffocated after a while, but till that time the aliens placed air masks on our face, the mask worked well and we survived. Once inside the alien facility, we were put separately in to different cells; we were occasionally tortured, though I had no idea the reason behind the same. We were interrogated regularly, they could understand us slightly and even we could understand their dialect a little and the rest were grasped via sign movements. Their language had few words in common with the earth’s oldest language ‘Sanskrit’. Since I was proficient in that language, I could understand them more. They often gave us anesthesia and performed various tests on us, In the hospital, I often met other captives, now only three remained, with time I was able to understand the natives more, now most of the time they kept me with them and like a pet I followed them, I guess they thought that this way I’ll start understanding their language more and it actually worked, after six months I started understanding and interacting with them a lot, I knew that they wanted to understand our technology via which we reached in to their planet. The aliens or native or ‘Yasko’ as they called themselves were aggressive in nature, they were the one who attacked the Russian space station. They wanted to enter in to earth, wanted to trade with our planet or probably attack our planet. They were advanced, their planet was younger to earth, but they were catching up with us fast, in fact in few things they looked more advanced than us or probably their concepts were different than us, I also got to know that the “Drifter’ has gone back and has headed back for Earth and that ‘Yaskos’ are after it in pursuit. After two months I got the news that the ‘Drifter’ has escaped, it was able to fend off the aggressors.

Once I became proficient in their language I was moved in to their rocket propulsion department, I was required to help them with the mercury technology, I was often bullied by the big natives, I guess they enjoyed this activity. I also got the information that now I am the only surviving man on this plant, the water of this planet could not adjust with our body and was putting heavy stress on our heart resulting in a cardiac arrest. They knew this but didn’t bother for others, but for me they had concerns probably because they wanted to learn the advanced earth rocket technology. I knew that I had to help them but I also knew that this could endanger my planet earth. I was given a workshop to create equipments, initially guards used to stand inside but with time they became relaxed and started standing outside the door. During the day time various mechanics, scientists, mathematicians used to come and join me but used to leave by night, though I used to work as their colleague, they didn’t show any warmth towards me. My workshop had automatic roof system; I needed this to fire test rockets to ‘Zuran’, the water surface on the top. I was good with this and soon I was able to develop an advanced rocket system, I finalized the system during the night hours and deliberately removed few circuits so as to show the natives slight malfunction. The bosses were shown the small spacecraft prototype and they seemed to be happy with the test fires. They immediately thought of moving me in to a bigger facility so as to create a huge space armada. I knew that I had to act swiftly; the one man rocket was ready. I waited for the day to get over and then placed myself inside the rocket, my plan was to activate the propulsion and cross ‘Zuran’, once in space I would position my craft for Charon using radar signals transmitted from the Russian Space Station, from their I could refuel and get towards Earth. I knew that the craft was not fully ready but I had to take this chance. I just hoped that the guards outside should not come inside. One of the guards was new and he was true to his duty, he marched in and out of the door at regular intervals. I was dead scared, but accumulated the courage and positioned myself inside the spacecraft, I activated the engine and it started making a loud clatter, the workshop was sound proof but the sound could go out and reach out to the guards the moment the rooftop was open.  The mercury took thirty seconds to disintegrate and cause ignition. I was extremely petrified and just hoped that no one should enter inside the door in these crucial seconds. I wore my Rolex and started calculating the remaining seconds but then suddenly I saw a shadow outside the door, it belonged to the guard, I observed him carefully as he walked to the door. I knew that time was running out but suppressed the urge to check my watch. I took a deep breath and started counting in reverse under my breath. “Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one……..” and I started drifting towards the Zuran.

I was up and soon crossed the Zuran, the rocket drifted at a high speed, once up, I deactivated the mercury engine and activated the navigator, I was able to get signals from the space station and glided for the same, it took me five months to reach the station, luckily I had gathered ample amount of food though I ate scarcely which caused me heavy weakness. But I gathered my courage and parked the rocket at the space station; I ate quickly and filled the craft with supplies. I then proceeded in order to refuel, but couldn’t find the fuel, the “Drifter’ might have consumed the fuel before heading back for earth. I knew that this was it, I knew that they would come and capture me and kill me, I looked via station’s telescope toward Vidyuda and could see a light coming towards the station, I knew that they are coming. I thought of killing myself, I preferred that than a recapture. I took a knife and was about to slice my vein when I heard some radio signals on the radar, and to my surprise it was from the “Drifter’. They had not abandoned me, I signaled them back and just hoped them to reach me first. I was lucky this time and my earth space craft reached first. We quickly attached explosives on to the prototype and put it on timer; we then dashed inside the ship and darted towards our planet. We didn’t want the mercury technology to reach ‘Yaskos’ and as we drifted away, the bombs exploded and the prototype was destroyed and so was the space station.

We came back to earth as heroes. I stayed as a captive for one and the half year and my crew didn’t abandon me. The Russian space station was a big help at all times and kept us alive with food and fuel.

I am a celebrity scientist now but still I get nightmares at night, I know they will come to earth sooner or later. Their planet was younger to earth but they were catching up with us, I knew that a war between Earth and Vidyuda was inevitable but whenever they will come we would be ready for them.


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