Bollywood’s Most Feared Baddies of all times



Shakaal – One of the coolest dons in the history of Bollywood.  A bald clean shaven suave antagonist plotting from his lair located at a private island. His strength was his devilish mind keeping him one level ahead than his adversaries and back stabbers. His lair was equipped with booby traps and numerous trap doors with plenty of henchmen at his disposal.

He was also merciless and sadistic in temperament and believed in eliminating his threat by kidnapping his adversaries and bringing them to his island where they were either lured to join him or simply killed.

However, like all villains, he had a weaknesses as well and his biggest weakness was overconfidence which finally led to his demise. He himself connived and brought the heroes to the island as a part of his plan so as to finish them off. The plan however backfired and the Heroes overpowered the Villain and killed him.

Shakaal was one of the most iconic Don in the Indian film industry and did indeed leave a deep impact in the minds of the spectators.


LION portrayed by Ajeet represented a mean, shrewd & an evil man yet extremely sophisticated. He used to stay with the most respected people of the society, was eloquent in words. He spoke with respect but was extremely cruel in his dealings.  He was often seen in films progressing from a small time crook to an aged don, slaughtering the family of the hero in the process.

His strength was his cool attitude, his elegant voice and his lion like looks. He truly represented a lion in a dress of a respectable man, only to pounce and eat at the slightest sign.


Mugambo was a mad evil dictator whose ultimate aim was to finish India completely, he was hell strong and had surface to surface missiles, all set to launch and destroy Indian cities. He wanted to create terror and actively encouraged terrorism by planting bombs in various toys all round the country. His ultimate aim however, was to acquire the invisible wrist band. This band was created by an Indian scientist and this was the only reason which held him back from launching his invasion because a missile attack would have also destroyed the ‘invisible formula’.  Mugambo had a huge army and crooks under his disposal. His biggest weakness was his self centeredness and his pride which made him assume that he is no less than god but in reality he was a lunatic mad man.

Gabbar Singh

Gabbar Singh was a dacoit, and was perhaps the most feared among all villains. He was again ruthless and believed in sparing no one. He was heartless and had a tendency to make examples out of people, thus increasing his clout in the area. He was revengeful and could hit back at any time. He used to ride horses and commanded a team of horse bandits, just like the Wild Wild West. He always raided in numbers and attacked when he was least expected to attack, he believed in destroying opponents and then running back and hiding at his mountain hideout.

Gabbar Singh’s strength was his speech and style, his style of speaking was psychotic, he used to start with a soft voice and would convert it in to a violent pitch in an impulse. His dressing style was that of a dacoit, slightly different than his subordinates though. Gabbar looked cruel and ruthless, and untidy. He looked like a dacoit with no style but only callousness.

Dr. Dang

Dr. Dang is perhaps the most ruthless and sadistic villain of the Indian film Industry. He looked extremely psychotic in his style & behavior.  He was a leader of a terrorist squad whose aim again was to finish off India. He made regular incursions in to the Indian Territory and actively funded & created terrorism. He had his private army and had helicopters and all sort of weapons. His troops were faithful to him and obeyed him. He looked like an evil doctor; wore specs and a suit and looked extremely arrogant & pompous.

His strength was his army who could do anything for him; he had weapons, choppers and money. He was psychopathic in his looks and behavior and was extremely revengeful; he would massacre the entire family of his enemy but would spare the main enemy, only to make his life worse than death.


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