This was the sixth murder in town; yet again, it was a headless body. Yet again, the victim’s nails had been sliced off his hands and yet again there was no trace of the murderer.

Today, it was the body of a gym instructor, Mr. Rusensky Jones. A powerful man, tall, well built who looked like a giant. It was difficult to imagine that such a man could ever be harmed. But sadly, the strong man lay, brutally murdered. Like all previous murders, his head and nails had been chopped off by the slayer. 

The laceration was smooth in all the cases, thus indicating the work of a professional, someone who enjoyed his work, someone who was committed to his job. An honest and dedicated professional – A True Psychopath.

Inside the left pocket of the dead body, yet again, a note was found containing a beautiful sonnet written using the victim’s blood.  The killer was an exceptional poet and always left clues for the Police in the form of beautiful verses, each time different, giving hints but the local police of the town were all muddle headed. They couldn’tunderstand a thing. 

Today I butchered another head

Not of a chicken not of a bread

Six times I have cut the head

Without their heads they look so dead

Today Again I will cut a head

And this time it will be Mr. Ted.

Since, the local police was unable to stop the murders, the Mayor had called for a new detective, an honest and courageous man with a watertight track record – Inspector Ragon.

He was due to arrive in the evening. 

Hey Killer! You should be watchful; our new law enforcer is a nasty one. Be careful! as he is coming to get you.(write this in italics)

My friend, My friend you look so silent

Wake up and talk to me

Say something anything 

And for once confide in me

You look so dead but

It’s not the time for bed

So get up and play

With sand and clay

Don’t be angry

I was hungry

That’s why I sliced

Your Head and Nails

Ragan arrived at 6 PM; he was received by Mr. Gerard Luger, a Homicide expert and Sub-Inspector Mr. BeckJones. The inspector was escorted straight to the office to meet the Chief of the Police Department, Mr. Bill Tennyson and Ms. Helen Cooper – A Psychologist appointed for the case so as to understand and read the psyche of the Killer. 

Ragon was handed over the case file; he read the case and saw the pictures of the victims and the murder sites. He then closed the file and asked the chief “What’s your opinion sir? Do you suspect anyone?”

Closing his eyes a little, with shame in his eyes, the chief answered,: “We are completely blank, we have tried hard but we do not have the faintest idea. He is way too clever, every time he manages to get  away with his job. This is the sixth murder and we don’t know or even suspect who he could be”

Then with an assertive tone, looking back into the eyes of Ragan, he decisively said “But now, you are here, you must find him and catch him. It’s your case now, you are in charge”.

“Sure sir, I will catch him but before proceeding with my investigations, I would like to have the opinions of everyone present in this room regarding the murderer, I will start with you Ms. Cooper.”

Miss Helen Cooper was in her early thirties, a very attractive and graceful woman. She looked back at Ragon and responded back “I think he has some deep psychological scars, maybe he had a bad childhood, or probably he was not treated well and thus he has developed a hatred for people. I believe he feels relieved by killing innocents.” 

“And what do you have to say about him Luger” Asked Ragon, turning his attention towards the Homicidal Expert.

“He slices the head and nails after killing the victims, probably keeps them as his priceless collection. Secondly, there has been no trace of the blood at the murder site in all the cases, on the body or near the body. The clothes of the victims are always  clean. It seems like the Killer gives a bath to the body after slicing it and then washes their clothes and dresses the dead before leaving them at a desired site. 

Now, he does this either to wash out finger prints or any sort of DNA or maybe he is a complete maniac. He also leaves a note, a hint at the murder site.”  Replied Gerard.  

“A Puzzle in the form of Poetry” Intervened Miss Helen widening her eyes.

“Hmmm!” Looking downwards and folding his hands Ragan asked Beck, “And what about you Beck, what do you think of these murders?”

“The press addresses him as ‘The Poet Killer’. I believe he needs attention and therefore he is playing a game, only to get famous, only to have a name like ‘The Zodiac Killer’. His clues may lead us to him provided we are able to decipher it.”

“I don’t think so.” Said the chief contradicting his junior, “I feel that the poems, the puzzles are just ways of confusing us, to place us in a wrong path, we are not able to trace any substantial clue from the poems so far. They are just poems written by a mad man”.  

“OK, give me all his poems; let me have a look at them, I will try to decipher them and if I find anything important, I shall contact you. Good Night” Responded Ragan. The new detective then requested Beck to drop him to his Guest House and the two walked away from the office. 

As Ragon went to his room and slept, the town was to witness another murder. It was 7:00 AM in the morning; the usual silent hours were shoved aside by the sound of the police sirens. This was the seventh murder and people panicked at the sight of the horrifying murder. 

Inspector Ragon arrived at the spot along with Beck and Gerard. He checked the victims’ pockets and pulled out the note containing the clue. He then checked other pockets and pulled out the wallet from the back pocket, he opened it and saw an identity card. The name of the victim was Patrick Jenner. He looked back at Beck and said, “He is not Mr. Ted.”

He then asked Beck to send the body for postmortem. As Beck made the arrangements, Ragon proceeded towards his office along with Gerard. Upon reaching the destination, the two entered inside a conference room and started going through the last poem once again. Helen and Tennyson also joined them.

Tennyson knew the victim very well and through him Ragon got to know that Mr. Jenner used to work as an executioner in their town Kingston long time back before moving to New York.

“So, Patrick Jenner was an executioner; he retired four years back and currently worked as an insurance agent…Hmmm… Now if we look at his last poem, he did mention that ‘this time it would Mr. Ted’.  Now, reading TED the other way round makes it sound as DET which is actually quite close to the word Death. So, that means, Mr. Ted meant Mr. Death – The Executioner.” 

He then read the letter found inside the pocket of the executioner. 

“Today we celebrate our independence day

That day we celebrated our independence day

They killed ours

We killed theirs.

But still I can feel here

Those bloody tears

7 days have passed, its still the same

9 days have passed, its still the same

2 days have passed, its still the same

0 days have passed; it will not be the same

Take my word soon I’ll end the game. 

Ragon read the poem and started calculating using a calculator. He then laughed a little and said, “The murderer is getting over confident, we will catch him soon”

He then looked at Tennyson and asked, “I would like to check details of all crimes that took place in the year 1995”.

“I am afraid the data does not exist in our system at the moment. Our system got hacked last month and as a precautionary measure, the system automatically deleted all the data. However, the data can be checked at the Head Office, in New York, we can book a flight for you for the evening, you can go and check,” suggested Bill. 

“Last month! And still you have not asked for a restoration?” Questioned Ragon

“We have asked for the recovery but the IT Team is taking time, they have promised to restore it by next week…..but waiting for seven days might result in one more causality.” 

“You are right, we can’t wait, will fly in the evening” “

Ragon was a known face in NYPD; he landed at 6 PM and went straight away to his friend Deputy Ryan Kendrik and accessed the Central Computer at the Database Room.

Ragan sat in front of the system and started accessing the crime files of 1995 of the small town of Kingston. The deputy knew the last victim of the ‘Poet Killer’, Patrick had worked with Ryan and was posted in his department before retirement. He asked Ragon about the murder of Patrick Jenner.

Ragon kept looking at the files and murmured back, “I wish I’d been there earlier. It might have made all the difference. So all I can tell you is why he was murdered.”

“It seems you have cracked the case. Why was hemurdered?” Inquired Ryan.

“See the Newspaper tomorrow Ryan, the case is almost solved.” Replied Ragon, he then took out few prints and stepped out of his office. He then took a flight back to Kingston and asked everyone to assemble at the office case as the case was almost closed.

“I have cracked it, I’ll first start with the clue found in Jenner’s pocket, the Killer is an over confident fool, he is frustrated, he wants to kill to take revenge. The poem’s third stanza said, ‘They killed ours, we killed theirs’.  This stanza immediately made me realize that there is a possibility that he might be killing people so as to take some kind ofrevenge. 

Now just take the last five lines and arrange the numeric values in these lines in a linear fashion as 7920, now if I convert7920 days into years it become equivalent to 22 years, which means that something happened 22 years ago. So, I thought of checking the Crime Database of the year 1995 and I was astonished to see five out of seven victim’s names in the database. 

The first one to be killed was a retired Police Officer, Deputy Louis Cullinan, the second one was an Investor and former banker Mark Cruise. The third was a sixteen year old girl, Shirley Moore. Ryan Davis, former colleague of Mark was the fourth victim, fifth one to be murdered was a doctor named Adam Stevenson. The sixth one was a Gym Instructor, David Huston. The seventh one was the executioner Patrick Jenner. Now, leaving the young girl and gym instructor, the remaining five were all involved in a case that took place in August 1995 at Kingston.  

Ryan Davis and Mark Cruise used to head all the branches of The Bank of Texas in Kingston. Albert Lewis, a prime accused in this case, used to work as a cashier in a branch of the bank at 17, Newcastle Street. The Bank’s manager was George Martin and the treasurer’s name was Jim Roberson. 

Albert had some involvement with the underworld and he was mixing fake money with real money. This worked well for Albert but was finally spotted by George and Jim who reported their suspicion to Ryan and Mark. This worried Albert and he begged them not to report the matter to the police and listen to his part of the story. Mark knew Albert personally as he was a family friend, so he called Albert to his house. Ryan, George and Jim also accompanied Mark. 

Since Mark used to stay alone, Albert looked at this as an opportunity to eradicate all his enemies. Albert was asthmatic and so he carried his inhaler with him but this time it did not have medicine, it had a poison, an untraceable one, Botulinum Toxin.  ‘

Albert first pleaded but once he saw the others unmoved, he pretended to have a bronchitis attack, when all the men went near him; he took out his inhaler and sprayed the poison over the bankers. Albert had his nose blocked most of the time because of spasms cause by asthma, he had also implanted small cotton balls in to his nose and kept his mouth sealed while spraying poison. As a result the others inhaled poison and he remained safe.

Three hours later George passed away, fifteen minutes later Jim was rushed to the hospital but was declared dead.Miraculously, Mark and Ryan survived, and you know who saved them it was the fifth victim Dr. Adam Stevenson.  The survivors then confided the whole truth to the police headed by the first victim of the Psycho, Louis Cullinan. The police then raided Albert’s house and he was arrested and was charged with murder. A Judge named Noble Johnson announced death penalty to Albert who incidentally is still alive. Albert was then executed by the last victim, the executioner, Patrick Jenner

The murderer also had a son by the name of John Lewis, he was sent to a foster home, from where he ran at the age of 11.  I have his photograph, he is only 11, looks quite innocent and here we have our killer…I have checked his address via Social Security Number, he lives in Kingston and works as a Software Developer and is probably planning the murder of the last survivor, Judge Johnson. 

A police team was soon dispatched and John Lewis was arrested. He confessed and his story was published in the newspaper.

John was taking revenge for his father’s death. He was tenyears old when this incident had happened, he loved his father and his father loved him too. Everything was great in John’s life until the day Albert was arrested and was dragged by Louis in to the police station. The child witnessed the trial and perceived Bankers Mark & Ryan, Police Office Louis, Dr. Stevenson, Prosecuting Lawyer Harris Blair, Judge Johnson and Executioner Jenner as the as villains in his life, the ones who snatched his loving father away from him. 

John was then sent to a foster home. He was treated badly there and this enhanced his hatred for the murderers of his father. He vowed to avenge his father. After one year, atthe age of eleven he ran away from his foster home and became an assistant to a small mechanic. He was sensible and accumulated some money for his future; later at the age of 16 he joined a restaurant, where in a span of four years he became the manager of the restaurant. After working for few more years, he left the company and took a computer course, post which he started working with an IT company. He worked as an ethical hacker for the company. In a few years he became an expert in hacking and soon found a way to enter in to the system of Kingston Police. Once, inside he took out the case file of his father before the system automatically started deleing the files. 

After acquiring the names and contact details of the six men involved in his father’s execution, he started befriending these people. He then followed his father’s style of killing, this time, however, rather than Botulinum, he used a poisonous plant called Hemloc and pressurized it inside the inhaler along with the medicine. The poison was again untraceable as it had an herbal origin.The girl and the gym trainers were killed only to confuse the police. The prosecuting lawyer died in a car accident in the year 2000.

Helen sympathized with the murderer, to which Ragon replied, “People see a lot of ups and downs in their lives. But they don’t start killing people. He got an opportunity to have a better life; he was an exceptional programmer and could have led a happy and peaceful life. But, like his father preferred killing innocents, such people are not normal and that is the difference between a killer and a normal person. A Killer kills while a normal person just thinks.” 

Bleed him now, bleed him how

Axe him down, like a clown

Never ever you please frown

Knife his gown and his crown



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